Remove (certain) layers from a Layer List

09-16-2022 12:43 AM
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Has anyone got a work-around for how to exclude layers from the Layer List? 

I've got label layers (etc.) that need to be always on but that I do NOT want to include in the Layer List.

Is there anyway to add these layers to the web map (or to the Ex B) so that they aren't included?? Hide them in a group layer that is always on (somehow)??

I'd even be willing to rebuild the Layer List manually (as a simple List) if that is possible.

So far I'm just working in the out-of-the-box Ex B, but I'd be willing to (consider) shifting over to the Developer Edition if that was the only solution. But really, this seems like Such basic functionality that it should be included in the standard Ex B somewhere. 

Am I missing something??



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