Add Web Map to Experience Builder with some layers toggled on/off by default

06-17-2021 04:56 AM
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I am using Experience Builder (on ArcGIS Enterprise) to bring together contextual information (formerly in PowerPoint format) with web mapping, which I intend to display side-by-side. The goal is to enable users to interact with the data behind the slideshow, as opposed to just a static image.

I have a single Web Map that contains all relevant feature layers for the project. For each of the themes being discussed, I need to display a different combination of layers (some toggled on, others off) that contributes to the given narrative, which must load by default. However, there does not appear to be this capability in Experience Builder’s Map Widget. Moreover, it is not feasible to split the Web Map into multiple Web Maps for each theme, as there would be an enormous number of maps required.

I would massively appreciate if someone could suggest how I might overcome or workaround this issue.

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What features do you need to accomplish your project in Experience Builder?  I only ask because this sounds like something that a classic StoryMap format might be able to do easier then Exp Builder.

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I could also use this capability. Could ESRI enhance the layer widget to enable/disable layers for the Experience Builder app?

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