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Experience Builder Layers Widget

08-03-2022 09:46 AM
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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to the Experience Builder, moving over from using Web Apps. What I really like in the Web Apps is that the Layer Widget can be customized to only have specified layers show up. This is especially useful for larger projects so that data can stay organized for the client/user. For example, I have a map that covers multiple states and have used multiple Layer Widgets to break up layers by each state rather than having them all available together (example in image). I would like to do something similar in an Experience, however whenever I add "Map Layers" it only pulls from all of the layers from the Web Map. Is there a way to customize the "Map Layers" to function similarly to the Web Apps "Layers" Widget? Or are there any other work arounds you recommend? I'm currently working with around 75 layers, but it could easily increase as the project expands. I've attached an example of how I built the "Layers Widget" in the WebApp vs how they seem to be working in the Experience Builder. I'm currently designing the project using the "Quick navigation" template if that helps as well.

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I have the same question / frustration. In the Web AppBuilder and in (some of) the Instant Apps it is possible to not show all of the layers (that are in the map) in the Layer List. Any way of doing this in Ex Builder?

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