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Missing layers in data connection in Experience Builder

09-18-2023 10:03 AM
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Hi.  I am working in Experience Builder where I am trying to count features similar to the Indicator widget with filtering in Dashboards.  I am using ExB in Enterprise 10.9.1.  I am building a refuse cart distribution application.  We distribute carts for new homeowners (NEW), distribute additional carts to existing homeowners (SECOND), replacement carts (REPLACE) and track carts returned (RETURN).  In each of these four cart transactions, we have three feature layers for Trash, Recycle and Yard Waste carts.

When I connect data in ExB, the Trash cart layers in each group are missing.  I am a bit of novice with ExB, so maybe its operator error?!  Currently, only the NEW group is visible as are the three cart layers in this group in the web map in map viewer.  I haven't figured out how to count yet in ExB, but assume I need to resolve the 'missing' layer issue first.  Any help on this issue and clues on setting up counters in ExB would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks, Jay





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Hi @JayHodny , 

Could you please check if the Trash layer is still working in Map Viewer? If the trash layer is also a feature layer and works fine in Map Viewer, it should be available in EB. 

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