Indicator Count for Experience Builder

07-09-2021 10:51 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great to have an Indicator display similar to Dashboards that can be filtered by map extent.  It could be added to the List Widget and or be a stand alone widget.  

While the list does a great job displaying all the features, it does not easily and quickly indicate how many features are in a given area.





This is possible, if you're referring just to features in the map extent as that extent changes.

Create a card or something, insert a text box and connect it to your data. In the text box add a dynamic COUNT().

On the map, go to Actions, and set an action of extent change on the framework and select your feature layer. This will dynamically change the feature count in the text field.

I quickly chucked an example on a map, here;





You are correct!  It can be done, I was looking all over for a widget or configuration.  It appears I can just drop a text field on a map as well. So many great options in Exb

Thank you for the help





You're welcome.


Adding on to this- it would be great to have Indicator display or something similar to Dashboard that can also use Arcade Expressions. I was able to convert index values ranging from 0-5 to display "None"-"Very High" and also change the color corresponding to the value.  There is no option for that in Experience Builder as far as I can tell.