Experience Builder - Table Widget not changing sort order

09-16-2021 12:22 PM
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(Note: this is not fixed as of the September 2021 EB update)

The 'sorting' setting does not seem to apply properly to the table in the widget.

Steps to produce:

1. Add Table widget > New Sheet > add desired sheet

2. In drop-down, go to settings for the chosen View (I tried both the Default view and creating a new view)

3. In 'Sort', identify sort fields. Check preview to confirm desired effect, and all is well:


4. 'Apply Changes'

5. Changes do not appear in table within the widget:


I have also tried this only sorting on one field (BEC_Subzone), but with the same result. Not sure if I'm missing a step, or if this is simply a bug - any help would be appreciated!

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Thank you! And thanks for the links - I tried to hunt similar topics down, but apparently I was using the wrong keywords! At least it looks like it's in the product plan... hopefully we'll see a solution soon.


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I know what you mean, I find that the actual Community search rarely returns what I am looking for... I have much better luck keyword searching within Google!

The next AGO Experience Builder update is due in a few days, maybe we'll see this as part of it. It does mention some other Table enhancements.

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Any update to this issue?

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Hi @TaraHaynes ,

I appreciate you bringing this issue up. We are experiencing the same issues even after the September 2021 update. Hopefully there is a fix soon.


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As of April 2022, this issue seems to have been fixed! I was able to use your steps to set up the table sort and my tables all changed over! Thank you

- Erin Arkison 

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