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12-28-2022 01:19 PM
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Hi, I am trying to solve a tabular data issue in the ArcGIS Online environment.  

I want any of my 4 or 5 users to be able to edit a coded list (domain).  When we add a new record, for example a work order in our work order table, and the requesting customer is not listed in the domain drop down list for the customer attribute, only I as the feature layer owner can go back to the data tab in the feature layer properties and add another customer in the coded list.

I have tried sharing the feature layer in a shared update group, and they can't edit it there.  

The environment I am looking at for the front end is the experience builder edit widget, b/c it allows us to add a new record.  I have tried linking related tables together, but can't come up with a solution.  

Does anyone have any ideas?  I am up for any solution, just as long as any user can still add a record.


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Ah yes, the Edit widget in ExB must use the web map settings for field configuration. Nice work pinning it down!

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I may be missing something, but I don't see a way to add a new record to the relationship in Experience Builder. Is this process documented somewhere?

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