Expand/collapse Sidebar with Button Widget?

08-24-2020 02:28 PM
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Is it possible to expand/collapse a sidebar with a button widget or any other button like widget?

For example, in the attached picture, I have a Survey123 widget nested in the "Second" sidebar and a map in the "First" sidebar. I have a button placed on the map that I would like to click and have it expand the sidebar with the Survey123 widget.

I tried to get cute by nesting a Section/View in the sidebar and linking the View to a Button to get it to expand the sidebar. Didn't work. Seems like it's not possible.

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Hi James,

Unfortunately no. The ability to have a dynamic sidebar is something we would like to improve and this type of feature is in our enhancements list. An alternative is to add a window and add the survey widget in it and have the button open the window. It is basically a modal, so the focus will be on the survey. 


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Hey @DavidMartinez

Just wondering if Esri has made any advancements with the dynamic sidebar.  Your original response is almost three years old now.  I hoped to find a way to do this but am not having any luck.

What I am trying to do is have my widgets stored in a sidebar and when a user clicks on the widget it automatically expands the siderbar to reveal the widget.

I found this app that illustrates what I am trying to do.  If you click on any of the five icons along the left hand side it automatically opens the sidebar.

GeologyOntario Spatial Search (arcgis.com)


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This custom widget contains code for auto opening and closing the sidebar. Maybe you can build something off of this.


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Thank you, David. That's a good suggestion!

I ended up moving the survey to a view within my fixed side-panel so I could still use a map without the survey window closing. Another alternative I found was to use the "widget" widget and add the survey widget as an icon - which brings up a portable survey window.

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