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05-17-2023 07:14 AM
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I am new to experience builder. I would like you to point me the right direction.

1. When users want to access the experience, they should be asked to login first, ideally with some additional info (organisation, purpose of use etc.). I would like to track activity on the experience (number of users, logins etc.)

   - I have already spent some time with tutorials, so my guess is to use OAuth 2.0. However this is as far as I got. Can u point me right direction I do not see option to add custom fields (organisation, purpose of use, etc.). 

2. Users should have the ability to download data by spatial selection with limited amout lets say 20 MB per user. I can decompose this into two problems.

   a) spatial select data by rectangle (e.g. here)

   b) actual download of the data with limiting the amout downloaded

 Thank you in advance. I really dont know where to start right now. 

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These features you mention are custom actions that I don't think are available out of the box with Experience Builder. You might have to use the developer edition in order to create something like this with custom code. There would also need a place to write and store the other information you want to collect. Experience apps handle the authentication out of the box, so that if you are already signed in and have access, the app will load. if you are not logged in, the login page appears. You might want to ask in the Javascript developer community.

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