Do charts support dates as a category?

11-23-2021 09:14 PM
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When I add a chart and connect to the data I can only select text fields as a category at the moment:



When I look to filter the data I can definitely see the date field:



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I am wondering the same thing.  Did you ever get an answer to this?

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No I haven't heard anything yet. 

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Same question, just posted (sorry, didn't see this post) - 

Very frustrating, but will reply here if I learn anything through my post. 

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I have the same issue. It is a very non-sensical issue and frustrating that there is no response from ESRI. Dates and times are a common category used in charts. They are available in the ArcGIS Dashboards charts. I am simply trying to duplicate an ArcGIS Dashboard in Experience Builder so I can have some control over the responsiveness of the layout on the smaller screens. Unable to duplicate even the simplest of charts with this issue.

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I am in the same frustrating position of duplicating functionality from Dashboards into an Experience Builder project. Esri seems to always focus on the fringe benefit kinds of enhancements in their product releases, but they often miss the basics, while we wait years for implementation.

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One more person asking about this improvement. Same situation as the previous post.
It seems that serial charts do not use dates. It would be great if someone from ESRI could let us know if we can expect this improvement. Thanks a lot.

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Same issue here. Very frustrating.

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