Direct url-access to subpage with selected-dynamic content?

07-09-2020 02:36 AM
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Hi everyone,

I just started playing around with the Experience Builder and I'm still a greenhorn. One thing that I'm really excited about is the interaction of linked data between widgets and the dynamic content. Passing a widget selection to a subpage with dnyamic content seems very interesting to me, because you can create "unique" selection-dependent-subpages.

One thing I wonder is whether there is a way to directly access such a subpage with filtered dynamic content?


Page 1 contains:

   List-widget, listing a feature layer with attribute "name", 3 entries (A,B,C)

         Aciton: filter the features

         Status: Redirecting to Page 2


Page 2 contains

   Text-widget, linked to the data, showing a dynamic content ("name" of selected feature)

If you start the experience, everything works fine. The selection in page 1 redirects to page 2, showing the selected name e.g. "A"... but is there any way to "skip" page 1 and open directly page 2 with the a given selection of the feature layer (e.g. A, B or C)?

The URL is static, only changing from 3A1 to 3A2/ 3A3

..../?data_id=dataSource_1-Test_Point_Layer_2486%3A1&draft=true --> "A"

..../?data_id=dataSource_1-Test_Point_Layer_2486%3A2&draft=true --> "B"

..../?data_id=dataSource_1-Test_Point_Layer_2486%3A3&draft=true --> "C"

but accessing the url direct will result in page 2 displaying  "{Object}" and not "A",  "B" or "C"

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Andi,

Interesting scenario... If I understand you correctly, you linked data to a different page, as a dependency to display dynamic content, but also, you want that page to be independent and be able to display content regardless if the data was passed or not. sounds like you need some conditions based on the data you pass... Conditions on a page level could be a very handy feature.

I assume you're not working with developer edition? it's something that can be easily resolved with code - checking if data was passed or structured right, then display content accordingly. Otherwise, I would try to work around it somehow and avoid using the same page for both dynamic and static behaviours.

Another alternative, if you are able to have some development involved, you can create a separate custom HTML content page that will handle the data passed to it (taking care of all the conditions you need) and embed that page as your target resource.


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Hi Shay,

Thanks for your reply and the inputs!

Actually I'm working with the developer edition too. I was just wondering or hoping that I missed a "simple solution/feature"   

...but as you have already mentioned, I will probably have to take a closer look at the passed data within the development environment and the custom HTLM content pages.