Create Custom / Dynamic Text /Popups for map Layers

09-20-2021 09:21 AM
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I am trying to use experience builder to create a tool. I am stuck on this use case. I have a web map which has various layers (land use, open space, etc). I want the user to be able to click on a layer to get information about it.

For example, if the user click on the open space layer I want a pop-up (or side panel) to show and display information about what open space is, how it relates to this map, and more. If they click the flood zone layer it will show info on that. I don't think the feature info widget will work as it is tied to features within a layer but I have been trying to get the text area to work. It doesn't seem to want to work in this way either even if tied to multiple layers, it will always show the placeholder for the non-selected layer.

I am not sure if ArcGIS Experience Builder is mean to work this way. If you need more info please let me know. I would rather do this as a custom built web-app but I have to pass it to a client who needs ESRI tools they already know.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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If you're meaning something like this, then I'm happy to share how this was created.



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Hi @JonathanMcDougall,

Maybe? I am not sure how your map is working. I provided a screenshot of my map so far. Again, the open space will be one giant feature within it's own layer so when someone clicks on the green area they can learn more about OpenSpace in general, or another topic depending on what they click. Does this make sense?


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Has this been resolved yet? I'm trying to figure out the same issue

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The text widget can be connected to multiple layers. To avoid showing a placeholder for non-selected layers, you can use an expression in the dynamic content panel. This will display the expression title when no features in the layer are selected.




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