Enable Custom Units for ArcGIS Experience Builder Measurement Tool in Map Widget

02-14-2024 07:21 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be better if the Measurement tool in Map Widget on ArcGIS Experience Builder supported adding custom measurement units that are not available in the system. This would allow users to set up custom units that they have added themselves.


All government and private company in Thailand that use Measurement tools, especially for measuring area, require Thai measurement units such as Rai, Ngan, and Square Wa. Therefore, we would like to request that users be able to add measurement units and set up custom units that they have added themselves, such as by using mathematical calculations to convert the existing meter units.


A standalone Measure Widget is due out Q2 2024. The point of building out these standalone widgets is to offer more optionality, so hopefully this will be an option in the new widget.



Yes, the roadmap indicates that Esri is implementing the measure tool portion of this idea:

ExB: make the built-in widgets to the Map widget i... - Esri Community

Which leads to useful suggestions in this idea:

Measurement Suggestions - Esri Community

If you Kudos both of these ideas, they all might have a chance at being implemented.