Add Data Widget in Experience Builder

08-26-2020 03:38 PM
Status: Implemented
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Please include the "Add Data" Widget that is available in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder to ArcGIS Experience Builder.  


@feralcatcolonist_old @KevinMWright13 @USLEOperations, Thank you for your inputs and sharing your workflows. We will keep you updated.


Our organization also needs this feature added to EB. Our clients need to be able to add Shapefile, Feature Class, and/or KML/KMZ files to be able to visualize there data in relation to data already within the web map. Our use case does not require any function with widgets at this time. Please try to add the basic ability to add data to visualize point, polygon, and line features.



My organization needs the add data widget in EB too. We have to use WAB developer with a custom widget that allows grouping of layers so that we can have both grouped layers and add data. This is a huge pain to do and host on the server. If EB had the add data widget our life would be much easier. 


This capability is needed. Some sort of splash screen detailing WAB capabilities not supported by EB might be helpful. It is a little frustrating to start on an app in EB only to find out WAB should have been used. Perhaps adding the ability to launch WAB from the new Map Viewer would also be helpful. I resisted switching to the new Map Viewer; however, the ability to create group layers sold me on the new viewer.


Another vote in agreement for this! Please esri 🙂


This is getting frustrating. Our organization is also so keen to move on to using experience builder from web app builder and the fact that one of the most important widgets still is not available is ridiculous. This isn't good enough ESRI with the amount of resources you have. 


@JosephZebrowski , you can find a glance of WAB widget migration status in the community.

Currently the team is doing research on the Add Data widget. Will keep you updated once an estimated  timeline is available. Thanks for your patience.



Another vote from me. Yes please ESRI, having this widget prioritized would be great.


I agree with @macands_admin.  If Esri intends for the community to migrate to Experience Builder from Web AppBuilder, they need to make ALL of the widgets which are available in WAB to EB.  This is incredibly, incredibly frustrating 


Also, as long as Esri is taking a look at the Add Data Widget; I'd love to get some functionality for adding .dwg data per this request:

For my organization, it would allow non-GIS users to help screen .dwg data submitted by applicants/contractors in a web format instead of needing to install and license ArcGIS Pro on their machines.