Functionality Matrix for Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder

11-03-2021 12:54 PM

Functionality Matrix for Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder

Get a glance of widget migration status in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. For detailed information about which widgets are being migrated and when they will be made available in ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, and the developer edition, check out this newly added Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder functionality matrix topic on Web AppBuilder documentation site. Hopefully information provided helps you make decisions about your migration strategy. This article will be updated at each release. Please come back and check it out periodically.

A glance of widget migration status in ArcGIS Online (The last update is on March 1, 2024):


A glance of widgets migration status in versions of ArcGIS Enterprise (The last update is on December 1, 2023):



Is the "Edit" in WAB and in ExB just for editing from a pop-up, or does either product have (or plan to have) attribute table editing available?

In a perfect world, all functions (nor early all) WAB would migrate to ExB. I can only hope that Attribute Table editing will finally become a reality, as it has been widely requested as a feature enhancement since 2013 ish when WAB first became available. The new Web Map Viewer has only recently been enhanced to allow direct Table editing, calculation, and other features that are still in the pipeline. Due to missing features, it is still difficult to offer ExB as the primary solution to our clients, nor recommend it internally for developing applications, due to the uncertainty. 

@EricPescatore , thanks for the feedback. The Table widget in ExB supports field editing (update only, no add or delete a row). Once JSAPI has the capability to add or delete a row, we will pull it in. In addition, with the Edit widget, you can edit the attributes without the map. Understand your concerns and thanks for being patient.

@AlisonMynsberge , sorry for the delay. In ExB, the Table widget supports field editing as mentioned above. And the Edit widget has two modes so you may choose the Attribute only mode to perform editing with the List  widget, for example, but the map.

@Jianxia, the migration plan is a great new addition to this document. However, since the Community platform isn't great at broadcasting when this document gets updated, have you given thought to including this on the Experience Builder documentation page?

@Jianxia - I see on this matrix that the Info Summary widget is still "TBD". We rely on this widget heavily in one of our critical applications, and I was hoping to see a plan for it moving forwards into ExB. Are there any reasons why this widget hasn't been accounted for in ExB? 

@Jianxia  - this is a great document, thank you.  And thank you for creating two fantastic tools.  One thing I didn't see in the functionality comparison was information about URL parameters.  Can you share any insight as to when you will be able to control the map via URL parameters.  We have a great tool that is embedded in a legacy app (non Esri) that zooms to a specific location when a user selects an item from a pulldown list.  We would love to migrate this to ExB but can't do that until we can set the map location with URL parameters.

Thanks as always - and keep up the great work, please.

@KenBuja , a good idea. Will discuss with the team.

@F-Agatone Thanks for letting us know. Your request has been passed to the team.

@KevinMWright13 Supporting url parameters is in the backlog currently. We will try to address it once the development resource is available. 

Hi @Jianxia , do we have any idea when:

  • swiper widget will be added?
  • drawing circles through the edit widget will be available? This is pretty important for agriculture. It takes a long time to add in each vertex when you have to draw the circle starting from a polygon

Looking forward to your update and powering up our ExBs further!

Another "vote" here for adding "swipe widget" functionality to ExB in the very near future.  Even if it doesn't include the round "spyglass" mode, since that mode does not seem to be available (yet) in the underlying v4.x API; 

Also,  the "coordinate" widget, in order to track the mouse and display the "live" under-mouse coordinates in a discrete widget, as in WAB.

It sometimes feels like us WAB folks are being left behind as new and exciting features in New Web Map Viewer remain out of reach.  Kudos nonetheless to all the great work your team is doing, given the resources you have.  But ESRI should consider adding the resources necessary to bring ExB up to full parity with WAB "sooner" instead of "later", especially given the "push" to get everyone using New Web Map Viewer.


@Jianxia Any possibility we can add a version number to this matrix somehow?

For example: What version did the 'Print' functionality get added to ExB?
Or is it still only on AGO?
Can I get it in Dev Edition?

I appreciate knowing the road ahead so that I can plan for it, but knowing whether or not I need to upgrade or use AGO to get a feature would be helpful. 

@Jianxia @F-Agatone I second migrating the functionality of the Info Summary widget from WAB.  Love the grouped list functionality.  The ability to summarize by attribute and list the features for each value is great.

Can't wait for Swipe! I really am excited to use Experience Builder for a more robust way for visitors to my museum to explore historic maps on touch screens - having to rely on WebApps because Swipe is such a critical tool for seeing how places change. 

Any word if attribute editing in related tables will get on par with WAB's Smart Editor and how Field Maps functions? Currently, there is no way to move from a parent to a child's records in attributes using relationships. This makes editing any features with related records impossible. I can search and edit records in related tables but not get there via relationship class. This makes the Edit widget only usable for editing very simple, non-related spatial features.

@IvanKozoletov_EAP Related records support is in the works, but we don't have a release date yet.

I see that “Screening” has the status of TBD. “Screening” is the widget I almost always have in al of my WAB. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why I have not started to migrate into ExB. In my mind, ExB will not be completed without the Screening -widget. Hope you decide to ad Screening widget to ExB zoon.


I agree with @StefanArvidsson ...the Screening tool is used frequently within our organization and it is currently preventing us from migrating to the Experience Builder apps.  I'm afraid that without the tool and functionality, many users will abandon the apps.  Please consider adding this tool and asap because I would love to migrate to our apps to Experience Builder and take advantage of group layers! 

Thanks - Sharon

Do you have a specific list of features for the "Near Me" widget?

# does it have a selection for driving/walking?
# do we need to specify a source and target layer (ex : property (polygon) to nearest schools (points))
# is the near-me buffer a distance value?  or will it use a tracing layer (roads) 
# does it trace the distance-path on the road?  or is it a buffer "as the crow flies" ?


Ideally, the input for this FindNearest widget should be:

  • linked ExB map widget
  • fromLayerURL  (ex : my property)
  • toLayerURL (the train stations Points)
  • defaultTargetFacilityCount (Number of nearest facilities to find, usually 1, 2 or 3 nearest)
  • travelMode (walk / drive)
  • maxDistanceMeters (max distance : example "do not find if it is further than 5000meters)
  • Route_symbology (ex: light blue thick line transparent) 
  • GPServerFindClosestFacilitiesURL  (URL that ends with /arcgis/rest/services/World/ClosestFacility/GPServer/FindClosestFacilities/submitJob? )

See : 



@SZastre @StefanArvidsson Could you please post a list of the functionalities you use that you think valuable to your workflow in Screening widget? Thanks so much.


@FredericPoliart_EsriAU the existing Near Me widget in WAB does not have any of the functionalities you have mentioned in your post. It is a pretty simple widget that finds features within a specific buffer distance from a location, it provides direction but not walking direction. In EXB, there will be functional parity with the existing Near Me widget, at this moment, we don't have any plan to extend the functionalities to add the ones you mentioned.

@Jianxia I'm just wondering if there is any view on adding the ability to add text within the Draw widget on ExB, this functionality was on WAB and I'm really struggling to be able to fully migrate to ExB without the ability for users to add text through the Draw widget. Thanks!

@JamesShreeve , your request has been added to the backlog. As this capability has a dependence on JavaScript team, we have provided feedback so it could be prioritized. Thanks for letting us know.

@Jianxia thanks for taking it on board and adding to the backlog. Much appreciated. 


@Jianxia, in Functionality Matrix, it has been mentioned there is no plan to bring the Cost Analsis widget into Experience builder because it has been"Replaced by ArcGIS Online feature layer capabilities (attribute rules).". Could you please clarify this more? 

@Jianxia  I have seen that the near me is available in the Configurable Apps, but I can't download the app with the code from AGO.  Can you point me in the right direction for getting the code for the near me in Java 4 for my Developers subscription?


@MOSTAFAAZIZKHANI , Cost Analysis basically calculates costs and statistics based on feature attributes, which can be supported using Arcade expressions. 

cc to @AlixVezina 

@DawnMcCall , Unfortunately, the Near By template from Instant Apps is not downloadable. 

Jianxia, How do I get the near me function in the Developers tools? Even if I can't download the instant app template, the tool is now functional in Java 4, but I can't find it. Can you point me in the right?

@Jianxia  My post Friday did not tag you. How do I get the near me function in the Developers tools? Even if I can't download the instant app template, the tool is now functional in Java 4, but I can't find it. Can you point me in the right?

Smart Editor Please @Jianxia 🙂

Thanks for the all updates on Experience Builder @Jianxia , any plans or timeline when  Infogroup widget from WAB will be added to ExB?

@Jianxia  in the grid above it shows that "about" and "share" are already available in Experience builder.  Can you point me in the direction of the code?  My developer has not been able to find these tools in the Developers License tools for the Java 4 code.  Can you point me in the right direction?

@DawnMcCall, you can use the Text, Card, or Image widget in Experience Builder to do similar work as About in Web AppBuilder. These widgets are available in the developer edition of Experience Builder, along with the Share widget. 

@SaloniRajput , there is no Info Group widget in Web AppBuilder. Do you mean the Info Summary widget?

@Jianxia thanks for the reply, you are right there is no infogroup widget in WAB, I meant Infographic Widget, that has a group of 16 templates that you can use for different charts, like pie, donut, bar graph, stacked and line graphs etc. They work really well when using dashboard theme.



@SaloniRajput  The Chart widget in Experience Builder is to replace the Infographic widget in WAB. Have you had a chance to use it? More and more chart types will be added through incremental releases.

@Jianxia Thank you very much, I was not aware that Chart widget in ExB  is replacing Infographic widget in WAB, we have some applications that are in WAB that have stacked column and number charts along with donut, bar and line graphs.

I just looked at the chart widget in ExB it has 5 charts, it would be great if you can add number and stacked column charts in coming releases, will help us to start moving some of WAB applications to Experience Builder.

@Jianxia  Thank you for this helpful visual.  One item I don't see on the list is the 'screenshot' widget used in the instant apps. Are there any plans for this? The ExB print tool seems specific to a map frame so doesn't quite do the job.  I have users that would like to  easily capture an image of the map - chart - stats shown on the ExB. The screenshot widget would be perfect.  There are other screenshot options on computers (e.g., snipping tool) but this widget would be a good safety net for users that don't know they have this capability or don't know how to use it. 

I see that the "Screening" widget is "Planned" for migration.   This is a key widget preventing migration.  Is there a time estimate for releasing the "Screening" widget?  We're utilizing ArcGIS Enterprise with an instance of Portal on premise installed in October, 2022.  In order to utilize any newly released widgets (such as screening), will this require installing a patch or a fresh installation? 

@JianxiaI was wondering what would be the equivalent widget (if any) to the Public Notifications widget in WAB, in ExB? Our Planning and Zoning dept as well as others have used this in WAB to set a buffer, and generate addresses in label formats to notify people if they are within a flood area. Thank you.

@DanaYoung, The release plan for the Public Notification widget is changed recently. It will not be migrated to Experience Builder. Instead, it will be available in Instant Apps in Q1 2023. Please let us know if you have any concerns. Thank you.

@Jianxia when will the batch edit widget be added into Experience Builder?

@RyanJalynski , it has a dependency on JSAPI. Hopefully we could bring it in at the end of 2023. 

Is the group filter to on it's way soon? I'm trying to build an Experience Builder where I have more than one layer on the map to filter (based by year), as well as the list I have showing the entries for that year. I look forward to seeing the 2023 roadmap!

This matrix is great but is a bit deceiving as while things like the layer list are available, it has nowhere near the same functionality available as what is in WAB. It would be nice to know if there are expected future iterations of any of these widgets/functionality.

The Report Feature Widget requires an ArcMap Runtime. Is the one for EB going to be free from that restriction?


Are there any plans to incorporate image service widgets similar to these that are available for Web Appbuilder?

Thank you!

Anonymous User

@Jianxia - Per the Public Notification widget changing to an Instant App. The issue many of us have is that we like having ONE app with tools and widgets. Making a bunch of these tools as their own "instant app" doesn't help me because now I have to create a bunch of separate apps to mimic the tools I had access to in ONE app. Esri keeps touting these instant apps but I'd like to provide multiple tools to the public in ONE app, and not make people bounce around to all these separate instant apps. Kind of ridiculous.

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