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Add Data Widget in Experience Builder

08-26-2020 03:38 PM
Status: Implemented
New Contributor III

Please include the "Add Data" Widget that is available in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder to ArcGIS Experience Builder.  


Yes please!


Why on earth are we still waiting for an 'add data' widget? Wouldn't it behoove Esri - a $1bn company - to finish their products before releasing them?


@RichardJennings I wish the Experience Builder team had done the right thing and included all the widgets and other features of Web AppBuilder with EB >>before<< releasing EB.  If Esri wants developers to migrate to EB from WAB, then they >>should<< make all the important tools/features available in one version with the newer version.  They failed in this matter, IMHO, and is unlike what I have seen with other major software firms.   

My biting criticism also holds for the current MapViewer for ArcGIS Online, which replaced the MapViewer Classic.  For a company that is supposed to be THE premier of GIS software, they are failing in these matters.  I expect Esri will ignore my comment and those from others, above.  Very disheartening.


Experience Builder has everything I need to develop a map application except the Add Data widget, which is critical for my project. I would like to use the map for users to explore the data available within my Hub site, which currently isn't available in Web AppBuilder.


Any update on this ESRI?



We are also interested in an add data widget. What we would primarily like to do is to be able to add data of different formats and especially 3d data/models. We would then like to be able to move the model to the right place. We would also like to scale and rotate the model. Is this a functionality you are thinking of incorporating in the near feature in experience builder with the add data widget release? Would this probably be incorporated in another widget?


I am starting to experiment more with Experience builder and I am very upset that a lot of the functionality I have in my existing application developed using Web App Builder is either not available or has been altered Experience Builder. To me all the functionality found in Web App Builder should be available in Experience Builder, especially since it is my understanding Esri want users to start transitioning over to Experience Builder. Many of my application can't because of the missing widgets found in Web App Builder. The one I would really like to see is "Add Data". I would also live the freedom to move map buttons (zoom/home/basemap) to other location on the map. Perhaps this is already allowed and I just don't know.


@GabrielleFausel I concur and "feel your pain."  It is a complaint I have had with Esri's Experience Builder team and why they have not made a visible effort to address this issue and communicate properly with the Experience Builder user community.  The communication is poor and the lack of features in EB which are already present in Web AppBuilder is, well, inexcusable, IMHO.

Yes, I do hope Esri [upper] management sees this, as this is a serious issue.


Hi everyone, any update on this ESRI?


Thank all of you for being patient with us! The Add Data widget is planned to be available in Q2 2023. Currently it is in the design phase. The team is evaluating the requests you shared here. More information about the widget will be on the way.