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Add Data Widget in Experience Builder

08-26-2020 03:38 PM
Status: Implemented
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Please include the "Add Data" Widget that is available in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder to ArcGIS Experience Builder.  


Experience Builder team:  please add the Add Data widget!   I also agree this is very necessary, esp. as I had no choice but to migrate to EB from Web AppBuilder


I really don't understand why this isn't yet a function in Experience Builder. Why do we have the ability to click on a feature in the map and pull it into Survey123, but we don't have the ability to add data to the map? It really limits the usefulness of the Survey123 / Experience Builder integration. 


Hi Experience Builder Dev Team,

It would be incredibly helpful if someone on your team could respond to this thread with both an explanation as to why this isn't implemented yet (there must be a legitimate reason) and when it is intended to be added to the mix.

That would help a lot of us to plan when we can start to really implement this great tool.





Experience Builder Dev Team -- Can you please tell us what the status is of getting the Add Data widget added to EB?  I know this inquiry has been made several times but we'd appreciate some communication.  Thanks!



Agreed, this is a core function that should be included in the EB system, not sure why it's getting no responses on ETAs which is super frustrating


@Jianxia -- many folks on this thread have requested feedback from Esri re: availability of the Add Data widget.  As you can see it is quite a popular request.  Can you please fill us in and let us know what's what.   Thank you!


@USLEOperations and all, thanks for sharing your thoughts! 

Per discussion with the team, adding data in ExB would be a little more complicated than that in WAB. As ExB supports both map centric and non-map centric workflows, when data is added on the fly, how other widgets like List should behave? Team is doing the research holistically. Any feedback from you is more than welcome.


While I think it would be excellent to have some of the other widgets communicate with user-added data; I really do think that the minimum viable product here is being able to drop said data onto a map in the same manner as the WAB widget.

For my organization, it is a low bar to entry to utilize our standard web maps as an ad hoc viewer. That way, when anyone receives a KMZ or shapefile, they can quickly look at it. While we have an enterprise license agreement, many organizations operate on the a la carte model.

Allowing users to quickly visualize and explore data within the ExB solves the need for either using the outdated WAB, or teaching a variety of users how to operate a desktop product just to view a piece of data for a few minutes as part of context/understanding/research.

While I appreciate wanting to fully integrate it into all the possibilities that ExB has to offer, the reality for users, is that we're missing a huge piece of functionality in the interim-- --I'm honestly surprised the conversation is just now happening?


@feralcatcolonist_old - I completely agree that this is a core requirement to adoption for many, if not most applications of ExB that include a map.  

@Jianxia - First off - thank you and your team again for all the hard work in creating such a great product.  I, for one, both recognize and appreciate how much you have put into making this the best it can be and shepherding it's continuous improvement.  I also appreciate how difficult it must be to incorporate this given all the ways the data that is added COULD  be used.   However, I am wondering if there is a way to release a version in the near term that at least makes the Add Data Tool it act as it does in WAB.  I believe that in WAB, using the Add Data adds the data to the map widget, the Attribute table, is available as an input to Analysis and is usable in the Select widget.  There may be others. 

But, at the moment, there are no Analysis or Select Widgets in ExB.  The ExB Table tool does not dynamically add data (like WAB does) but it would be good if a layer added by the Add Data widget is added to any tables.

I think if you could solve adding the Add Data tool with the functionality of adding a layer to the map and adding it to the Table widget, then MANY of your users would be very happy.

What does the rest of the crowd think?  Is that a good start?


@Jianxia - Hope to see you again at the UC.   I'll be sure to stop by and chat again.


I am in 100% agreement with @feralcatcolonist_old and @KevinMWright13 .

When I started work on the GIS platform which is now playing a vital role in our business, I initially developed it in Web AppBuilder and the Add Data widget was incredibly useful, become a need rather than a want.  Having been forced to migrate the GIS platform to Experience Builder, it was a bit of a heartache to see the Add Data widget become unavailable.   In my experience, I do not see the need to integrate the Add Data widgets with others at this time (if anything, maybe the Table widget, but that would be a nicety).

At a minimum, it would be essential to be able to import GeoJSON, KML/KMZ, and GPX files.  We deal with these often.

On another note, in regard to tables and exporting selected features to GeoJSON, it would be quite helpful if the ability to export a selected feature in a table to KML was also provided, as some of our engineering applications deal only with KML.  thanks!