Recommendation for disk settings for ArcGIS SVR?

09-11-2019 12:37 PM
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We're doing a deep dive on VHD setting (M$ Hyper-V) for tuning ArcGIS Server performance, and wondering if anyone has experience/insight on this. With the out of the box VHD settings in Hyper-V, we're seeing  horrible performance with disk throughput, and I'm not even yet into GIS Server load testing. 

To the question: 

For a standard GIS Enterprise deployment, let's assume

  • an equal traffic load of people publishing services and consuming them;
  • A hosting server and a data store;
  • a "few" federated servers;
  • a dedicated tile server

What disk settings are working best for you? We suspect setting block size at the OS level might yield the best results. We don't have a lot (any) control over the SAN hardware: What the vendor sold us is what we're using, and we've exhausted vendor support (what they did resulted in some performance increase but not enough). Nor do we have the luxury of moving VM's to underutilized hyper-v hosts, as utilization changes constantly. 

I recall an ESRI white paper on this but can't find it. 

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