Image Service Parameters - Max Img size per request.

07-26-2019 03:00 PM
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dear Readers,

good afternoon.  Max image size per request documentation:

Image service parameters—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise  - mentions the upper limit of the image size to be obtained.

Currently Parameters on the image service on Mosaic dataset: 15,000 X 15,000 (rows x columns) and on the service.  Along with 30m, 10m, 3m,  we are also sharing 1m LiDAR and derivatives.  Documents clearly mention that both service parameters on the mosaic dataset and service should be restarted.


  1. Should we increase the rows X columns => 28000 x 28000 for 1m LiDAR if yes: what are the other parameters that need to be changed (following are default values at 15,000 X 15,000 setting):
    1. Max # of rasters per mosaic = 200
    2. Max # of records returned per request = 1000
    3. Max # of items downloadable per request = 60
    4. Max size = 4096
  2. Apart from these values, are additional parameters such as no of minimum instances  need to be changed?
  3. We have shared derivatives as layers to reduce server overhead instead of just sharing elevation layer and letting the users request derivatives on the server or doing the derivatives by themselves on the client.  Hope it is ok.

Previous query related to max image size was done in 2012 during the image server times.  On a side note, we are sharing 1m, and 3m LiDAR and derivatives for at least 30% of the 48 contiguous states, 10m and 30 m for the entire region.

Any optimization would greatly benefit the end users to a large extent.

thanks for your time.

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