User identify disappeared from Portal

07-25-2019 05:27 AM
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I enabled windows authentication and logged off with another user, who is already in a group that was enabled in Portal. And obviously this group is in in my AD. But the portal should log in directly using my Windows logged in user, but as you can see the user ID does not appear in the portal and it is no longer possible to access the platform.



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Curious to know what version of Portal this is. (10.5.x, 10.6.x or 10.7.x)?

Most common issue with this is related to the in correct settings in the browsers. I would check other browsers, and see if the issue the same. if so, I would see about logging back in as the portal initial admin account (IAA) and add the Enterprise User manually to the organization. or set up Automatic account creation mentioned here:

If the issue persist. Please check and verify that you have the proper settings for setting up IWA with Portal:

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