How to switch values in a coded value domain?

02-05-2016 12:41 AM
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I have a coded value domain for a layer in my database. All the fields drop-down options are displayed in English. Now I would like to be able to switch those names to French (obviously without changing the code). The idea is that I can publish the layer to two different Feature Services on the GIS Server, one with the drop-down options displayed in English and one with the options displayed in French but both synchronizing back with the same database. So I am wondering whether and how that could be possible. Is there a way to switch values in a domain but without changing anything in an already published service or could I have different language versions of a database? Or is there a way to make changes once the layer is published on the server?

The ideal thing would be if I could specify two values per code and then when publishing say which one I want to have displayed but I'm guessing that's not possible.

Any ideas or work-arounds for such a problem would be very welcome!

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Although not the answer you are probably looking workaroung would to include for in one pulldown.


This might not be practical, depending on the length...but it is a way to do it.  (you probably thought of that already).

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Dear Rebecca, thanks for the feed-back. I did think of that before but as you mentioned it's not really great for long names and since we will be working with the Collector app on phones I would like to avoid it.

The advantage of that work-around is however that it is easy to implement.

Still I was hoping there might be another way.

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custom code for the user end...its a lot of work for such a tiny change.

Id just have the CV have both languages in the selection to the user... call it a day. (e.g. Field Dropdown has english and french as a selection).

e.g.  Fire Hydrant / bouche d'incendie   

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