Feature Layer Views lose attachment access after hosted feature layer overwrite, 10.9.1

12-29-2021 06:43 AM
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Hello -

We have a hosted transit stop layer that contains attachments.  I maintain a feature layer view of this layer for symbology reasons. 

At 10.9 and earlier, when I overwrote the hosted layer, the layer view maintained (showed, displayed) attachments. 

At 10.9.1 when I overwrite the hosted layer, the layer view does not maintain access to the attachments.  The attachment relate is still there, as the data grid on the layer view data page does show the 'Photos and Files' attribute. 

Instead, Monitor reports back the following:

Hosted/BusStopView5/FeatureServer: Database error has occurred.

Hosted/BusStopView5/FeatureServer: 0 : ERROR: relation "hsu_ghjw3.busstop_busstops__attach_2" does not exist Position: 246

So, it looks like each time the host layer is overwritten, access to the photo attachment is not found in the datastore.  If anyone else has seen this and can confirm that would be great.


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Hey there David, thank you for posting. Let me research this and see if we've seen this before.

Keep on keeping on!