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01-05-2022 01:24 AM
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Hello everyone,

I have some questions related to the Network Analyst extension on ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1:

1. If a purchase one ArcGIS Enterprise License and one ArcGIS Enterprise Network Analyst (NA) extension how many network analyst datasets will I be able to use? Is there a limit of NA datasets that I can upload on my server?

2. If it is possible to upload as many NA datasets as I want on the server, is there a reference documentation on how could I use them, for ex: run an od cost matrix analysis with one NA dataset and a service area using another NA dataset. It works like in ArcGIS Pro (desktop) mode, user choice?

Thank you!

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by Esri Contributor
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Hello Roxana,

  1. If your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment has both the "base deployment" license and the Network Analyst extension license authorized on your ArcGIS Server site, you can publish more than one network dataset/route layer as a Network Service. (NAServer) as it is not licensed by the number of services, but rather by cores. But I would recommend to check your machine's sizing to determine the number of services running on your server.
  2. You can publish different routing services from different network datasets. Please see more details at the tutorials below to get started:

Hope this helps!

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