Create Drive-Time Areas Measures dropdown in 11.0

03-16-2023 11:53 AM
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Any thoughts about what's going on here?

ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0, Utility services pointing to ArcGIS Online

  1. Open map viewer classic
  2. Add a point through either map notes or a feature layer
  3. Analysis > Proximity > Create Drive Time Areas
    1. Most of the time, the Measure dropdown does not populate. It looks like this:RobStauder_0-1678992241403.png


  4. If I open dev tools, I see a few errors on the console. Like this -…. with these errors - Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request) and[USO] Button detection aborting due to timeout.

  5. However, if I fiddle with the widget, perhaps close it and reopen it a few times, the measure dropdown will work! 
  6. However, when I run the tool, sometimes it works, sometimes it fails with You do not have permissions to access the utility routingUtilities. Create Drive Time Areas failed. 

Am I missing a service timeout setting somewhere? What could be happening?



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Thanks for raising this query.

Create Drive Time Areas uses the Portal's network utility services. It was mentioned that the Utility service was pointing to ArcGIS Online. The following document runs through how to Configure routing services, is this how yours was set up? - Please note that the AGOL user that is used will be charged credits for each analysis.

Once this was completed the AGOL services (in Portals Utility services tab > Directions and Routing) should have been automatically configured and appear as Portal items. This is because the services were added as items with stored credentials. If you click the drop-down in the first box, can you see the service configured for search routing service type (Route, Closest Facility, etc)?

If the above is all as expected you could try:

  • checking the SpatialAnalysisTools service is turned on in the hosting server
  • If the Enterprise was recently upgraded, make sure you have a cold backup to go back to if required, then try reindexing Portal and clear the browser cache

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Michelle. It's working again. I made no changes. 

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