split polygon by line bug while editing a feature service

03-13-2023 11:57 PM
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Dear community, I have a weird issue and would appreciate your help if you can test and report if it occurs for you. I would need to find the ArcSDE, Portal Enterprise version where this does not occur.

Setup: 10.7.1 ArcSDE PostgreSQL 11.16 + PostGIS 2.5.5

ArcGIS Enterprise Portal versions tested 10.7.1 and 10.9.1

ArcGIS Pro versions tested 2.7.3, 2.9.5 / 3.0.3

Background: Some of our editors who have been doing editing using editable feature services with version management reported they lost edits especially after using the Polygon Split tool. So, after lots of testing, we have narrowed down to this potential bug.

Steps to reproduce the potential bug:

Choose an Editable Feature Service from ArcGIS Enterprise Portal published from a Branch-versioned dataset.

Switch to a user-created version  (not DEFAULT version) and start your edit session. Keep the attribute table open to observe record counts. Do not save the edits until you reach Step 5. 

Step 1 - Perform one edit action - creating a new polygon or reshaping a polygon or splitting a polygon

2023-03-14 16_47_19-Edit - Nimbus Screenshot.png

Step 2 - Select a polygon and select the Split tool .

Step 3 - Make an invalid split action (e.g, draw the split line totally outside the selected polygon or draw the split line half way through the selected polygon and finish it) forcing ArcGIS Pro to show an error message.

2023-03-14 16_47_57-Edit - Nimbus Screenshot.png


Once the ArcGIS Pro throws an error, abort this split.

Step 4 - Next, make one or more valid split actions.

2023-03-14 16_49_13-Edit - Nimbus Screenshot.png

Step 5 – Note down the number of features with the attribute table. Save all edits.

Step 6 – Switch to DEFAULT version and switch back to the user-created version. Observe the edit that you made just before the split error (Step 1 edit) has been Undone/Missing.

2023-03-14 16_50_39-Edit - Nimbus Screenshot.png

The workaround is to remember to save after every edit action or turn on Auto-Save after every edit action. Of course, you lose the ability to Undo in case if you would need to go back.



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Tested in different environments, the bug still exists. Sometimes, you lose 1 or two edits prior to the split error, on other occasions, you lose all of the unsaved edits before the polygon split error appears.

Tested in 10.7.1 sde - 10.9.1 portal, 10.9.1 sde - 10.9.1 portal, 10.9.1 sde - 11.0 portal.

Below is the screen capture video using a Feature Service  in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal 11.0 referencing branch-versioned data from 10.9.1 sde database

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We raised this issue with ESRI Australia and they have requested a hot fix (Hotfix number HF-000006003) to resolve this issue. 

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