Create an automated mapping service

05-08-2022 03:35 AM
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We've got ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Server is installed. Now, what we're after doing is something that can accomplish the following:

1 - user enters a parameter value (eg "123") in a textbox on a html page. Presses submit.

2 - a pdf map (using a custom layout) is generated. The pdf shows only the features from a feature class that contain the parameter's value (eg "BlockID=123") and zoomed to those features

Edit - this should be able to be done without the user interacting with any map at all. So they can just press a button on any old html webpage and the pdf is generated.

I've managed this locally on my machine, simply using ArcGIS Pro and some Python notebooks, but am struggling figuring out how to get it working online and the documents are a bit of a maze to navigate. If nothing comes of this, I'll contact esri directly.


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Hi,  I'm not aware of anything straight from the box, but there is a business partner that has a product that may help you:

Feature Data Reports for ArcGIS Online - dymaptic

I'm sure there are other solutions, but I tried this for something similar and was impressed.

Scott Tansley
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Since you have already figured it out how to do it in Pro - I assume using arcpy, all you need to do is to share that out as a geoprocessing service. And you should be good.

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Hi Michael,

The tool (Python + ArcPy) needs to authored in ArcGIS Pro. Once it runs with success, you need to proceed with a publishing process. If you are willing to share sample datasets and your script, I can help you out. Definitely, it is feasible.




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Thanks all for your help, this one is taking a back seat at the moment until I get ArcServer configured correctly.

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