ArcSOC Test

07-02-2016 11:29 PM
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I was wondering if any users would be willing to perform a quick test?

we are currently using 10.2.2 and looking to upgrade to 10.3.1. we've noticed recently the creation of rogue ArcSOCS in both version.

how does this happen? all you have to do is set the min and max instances on the Sample world Cities map service to 2 in your server manager. now open a new tab that has the REST Url of the service. Stop the Sample World Cities service, start the service back up, while its loading up on the REST url page continually click refresh until the page loads.

this action should cause extra ArcSOCS to be created (more than your expected 2 max), you can keep track via your machines task manager. once you have more than your 2 max, stop the service again. you should have 1 SampleWorldCities arcsoc still running even though your server manager says all is stopped and 0 running....that's your rogue!

I'm interested to see if people using 10.2.2 or above could try these steps and please post your results!



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