ArcSoc.exe for caching tiles terminating

06-29-2016 11:33 PM
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Hi everyone,

i got a question regarding caching tiles with ArcGIS Server (10.0). Over night, we are caching 4 services successively. The first 2 services are done in nearly 20 mins. The 3rd service then needs about 1h20min, The 4th needs then again about 20 mins. The 3rd and 4th are the same, just one with colour the other black / white. So the time for caching should nearly be the same. We suspect that there's a problem with the ArcSoc.exe in combination with not enough ram/cpu. So my question is, when are the ArcSoc.exe "killed" after finishing the caching of tiles? Are they killed directly after this or is there a "delay" of 30 mins?



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SOC processes stick around after they've been used for the duration of the idle timeout interval:

A third time-out dictates the maximum time an idle instance can be kept running. When services go out of use, they are kept running on the server until another client needs the instance. A running instance that is not in use still consumes some memory on the server. You can minimize your number of running services and therefore conserve memory by shortening this idle time-out, the default of which is 1,800 seconds (30 minutes). The disadvantage of a short idle time-out is that when all running services time out, subsequent clients need to wait for new instances to be created.

You can read up more on timeouts here.  That is a significant difference in caching time, but does the color one take more time?  Are they in the same file share?