Apply Edit error while updating string field of hosted Feature Service

07-16-2020 03:42 AM
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Hello Everyone, I have a query related to ‘ArcGIS Feature Server ApplyEdit’ method and associated string field update. We have AGE 10.7.1 setup where in we have point to point interfacing with Maximo wherein spatial data is pulled as XML files form ultimate source and with the help of JMS service the data is pushed(add/update/delete) into ArcGIS server hosted feature service using Apply Edits method. There is a field ‘Description’ in the hosted feature service which is of the type ‘String’ and have sufficient character length with description details of respective features. We observed that the 'ApplyEdit' method used from JMS service fails due to invalid value in the field ‘Description’, resulting in JMS service queue  to stop with errors logged in ArcGIS Server. We further investigated that the feature data having specific character value  as ‘>’ or ‘<’ part of description  is causing this unexpected behaviour. Replacing these values ‘<’ as ‘Less than’ or ‘>’ as ‘Greater than’ the feature update method works fine . As I believe being a string field it should accept all values including ‘<’ & ‘>’ in similar way as for other wildcard characters like ‘%’,’$’, etc. without any issue.

Did anyone observed any such limitations, validation over string fields while working with feature service or we are missing something here? This issue is appearing now and then , Could anyone please suggest ?

AGS Log depicting error screenshot is attached for reference.



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