How do I publish a Raster dataset containing attribute table?

07-14-2020 10:48 PM
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Hi Peoples,

I have a Raster datasets that contain an attribute table.

Raster dataset attribute tables

Having some problems publishing to server.  I need to be able to publish the raster, and the identify needs to return the attribute values.

Anyone had any success doing this?

  • How did they store the raster?
  • How did they publish the raster?
  • tips and tricks?



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Hi Mark Chilcott‌,

did you try publishing it as a map service?

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We tried adding the raster to mxd and publishing. Does not work.

There are many ways to store raster and many ways to publish.

Raster can be stored in sde, file geodatabase, or stand alone file. Can be published as raster in mxd, an image service or mosaic. Lots of combinations.

What works for people?

To make things trickier, our server is on linux. There appears to be bugs with swapping data source for rasters.

Does esri support publish of raster with attributes? If so how?

Not simple raster either. 800,000 unique values in join.


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