Reconciling local geodatabase from C#, fails if edits are done after reconcile

07-16-2020 06:08 AM
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Hello ESRI community,
We are using ArcGIS Server 10.7 and ArcGIS Runtime Local Server SDK 10.5.
We are running the server on Windows, and connecting to a Microsoft SQL Servere database.
We are experiencing issues when synchronizing local geodatabase with ArcGIS feature service in the following usage:
1. Performing initial synchronization - geodatabase file is created on the local machine
2. Feature is created/modified in the local geodatabase.
3. Performing bidirectional synchronization using SyncGeodatabaseJob from ESRI.ArcGISRuntime from a C# application.
4. Reconcile geodatabase versions on the server, using python scripts. Same result if doing the reconcile from ArcMap.
After this is done, the geodatabase will be synchronized correctly. However, for the next synchronization to the local copy created in point 1, then it will end up with error "Unable to complete operation". No matter if user did any edits after reconciliation either on server or on local copy. The replica still exists on the server.
So this seems that we cannot use the version, after we have reconciled with the default version, if we want to do further edits.
It is failing in this specific scenario. If the step 2 is skipped (so if no edits are done), the error won't occur. 
We are using standard functionality for both synchronization and reconciliation.
Messages that we recieved from the job are:
“Error while handling get server sync job status. Job error 400 Unable to complete operation.”
“Job failed. Job error 22 User defined failure. Error while handling get server sync job status. Job error 400 Unable to complete operation.”
Errors logged on the Server:
What can be the reason of this behavior? Is it possible to get more information about error or logs from the process?
Anyone tried this before, and have any idea what could be done, and how we could solve this issue?
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