"View status" button not linking to Activity Dashboard after Portal 10.3 upgrade

05-14-2015 08:20 PM
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We have just completed an upgrade of our test environment ArcGIS Portal, Server and Web Adaptors from 10.2.2. to 10.3. Everything seems to have ran smoothly except for one error.

The “View Status” button on the Portal 10.3 Organisation page is pointing us to the incorrect URL.

When the “View Status” button is pressed it should direct the user to: https://serverAlias.domainName.co.nz/arcgis/apps/activitydashboard/orgusage.html

However instead, it goes to the URL: https://serverName/arcgis/apps/activitydashboard/orgusage.html. Which doesn't work at all and we simply get a page does not exist error. I have been unable to find any resource on this issue, does anyone know why this would have happened? Or where/how this could be changed?

Note: When we manually enter the correct URL location (https://serverAlias.domainName.co.nz/arcgis/apps/activitydashboard/orgusage.html) into the browser, we are able to view the “Activity Dashboard” without error.



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