Is my Portal data private?

07-13-2020 09:23 AM
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My organization needs to keep our information private, so I always make sure I never check "Everyone" when I share my hosted feature service. But it always bothers me to see the Usage Time Series chart peaking into in the hundreds; are requests unique outside users viewing my content? Is organization-level data somehow viewable to the public? Does anyone have a tip to check for any accidentally publicized layers? 

Sort of a paranoid question, but it has bothered me for a while now. 


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You may want to move your question to another space (not in the GeoNet help space):

ArcGIS EnterprisePortal for ArcGIS

If your portal is not available outside of your firewall, then selecting everyone within the sharing would just make it available to anyone within your organizations firewall. I can agree that it would not be best practice unless you want "everyone" to see it.

--- George T.
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Sorry, I will try to delete and ask this in the proper location, thanks!

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