Operations Dashboard- Images in List.

11-19-2018 10:50 AM
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I'm attempting to make a operations dashboard that will showcase a number of projects my agency is working on. The Dashboard will contain polygons for project areas, you can click on the polygon and open up a link to the indivdual project in the storymap. 

On the left panel I want to use the list widget, which will contain a list of all the projects available within the map view. I am trying to add images into each of the rows in the list widget, is this possible? If i have images stored as links within the layer can i feed that information through to the widget and get the images to display somehow? If anyone has seen an operation dashboard where this is done it would be greatly appreciated if you could share. 

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Hi Ben,

If you are working with attachments, they will have URLs associated with them.  For example:


Take a look at this tool.  It will populate a field in your feature service with this URL.  You could then reference the field you specified in this tool in the List widget using the Image option:

Note:  the tool will generate a token for 15 days, so the tool will need to be re-executed at that point to generate a new token.  If your service is shared with 'Everyone', you won't have to worry about re-executing the tool as a token will not be needed.

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Thanks Jake, 

I actually used the following code to place an image in the list widget. 

<p style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:16px"><strong>{ProjectName}</strong></span></p>

<p><img alt="" src="{PictureURL}" style="height:99%; width:99%" /></p>

I've been trying to no avail to place my {ProjectName} text on top of my image. I've tried creating a container in which to place my image and text but every time I click the code button HTML source button in the list widget, I find that my div class="container"> has been removed. Is this tag not supported?

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Here are the tags that are supported:

Supported HTML—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 

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