Heat Map not filtering based on category selector

07-29-2021 12:32 PM
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In my dashboard category selectors are not working for a heat map. These filters work on the heat map in Dashboards Classic as well as if I use the points and not the heat map symbology. The feature is also filterable within the web map/map viewer itself. 

I noted this was a bug in the beta version and earlier this year individuals were have difficulties with the date selector and heat maps. 

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I just noticed this issue today. Hopefully this is a known issue and will be resolved soon.

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YES!! So it's not just me...

Maybe we can get someone from Esri to look into/fix it?

@JShi_EsriStaff @Peter_Klingman 

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Hi all, this is logged as a bug: https://support.esri.com/en/bugs/nimbus/QlVHLTAwMDEzOTUyMA==

Please email me at pklingman@esri.com with your customer number and I can attach your account. 



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Peter - I've emailed you with my customer number to be alerted to the status of this bug.  Thank you!

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I see that dashboard classic is going to be put out to pasture soon...has this issue been resolved before that is allowed to happen?

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So, in my testing, this can be done in Experience Builder...so why can't it be done in Dashboards?

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