Filter a Large dataset based on User on Dashboard

02-20-2020 11:48 AM
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We have an Operations Dashboard with a very large dataset. Inside the dataset, there is a field that has an Account Manager. We were hoping within this dataset that there would be a way to filter the data based on which user is logged in and viewing the dashboard. 

For example, there is an Account Manager field for John Smith, and when John Smith is logged into the dashboard we would like only him to see his records on the map and in the data frames.

Our only other idea is to create a separate dashboard for each of the 130 users, which sounds like a nightmare, we were hoping of another way around it.

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I'm not sure if you can filter the data based on who is signed in and viewing the dashboard, but you can create a URL parameter that will filter the data. You would still have to match the correct URL parameter to the correct account manager, but then you can email the URL of the dashboard (with the URL parameter) to the account managers. This could still be a little time consuming, but much better than creating 130 different dashboards.

Here are two links that explain how to create the URL parameter and set an action based on the parameter:

URL Parameter

Actions on URL Parameters

Hope this helps.


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Thank you Michael! That sounds like it could work! I might be missing a setting, but I was trying a parameter like this  which is one of our account reps, and got this error.

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Hi Jonathan, 

Can you verify the URL? I see multiple '?' symbols.

It should be in the pattern: <scheme>://<yourPortalUrl>/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/<id>?param=Main%20Street 



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