Dashboard Layer Actions for the Map Do Not Work As Expected

02-20-2020 11:19 AM
New Contributor III

In earlier iterations of the Dashboard, Layer Actions could be configured in the map to either filter, flash, pan, or zoom to a feature(s) of a layer that is acted upon by another filter (category/number/date selector). This functionality has changed to where these layer actions (filter, flash, etc.) only work when the feature(s) is selected in the map with the new select tool. In my opinion, it was far more useful to zoom to, flash, etc. to a feature that was selected from the larger category filters hosted on the top or left side of the Dashboard. Can these functionality be returned or make it more clear where the setting can be adjusted to either A) Use Selector Filters to act upon the map or B) Use Select Tool? My Dashboards built 2-3 years ago no longer work as expected because of this change.


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