(Enhancement Request) Serial Chart - zoom to features

05-23-2018 11:03 AM
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(Enhancement Request) Map actions are currently not supported in group-by charts.


Serial Chart - zoom to features

I have been using the Operations Dashboard desktop software for quite some time. I'm now migrating over to the new version; however, it's a little more difficult to understand. What I am trying to do may not be possible in the online environment. I created a serial chart (bar graph) for a feature category such as "Maintenance" and the graph shows exactly what I want it to show separated out into categories but I'm trying to click on one of those categories in the chart and have it highlight/select and zoom to the data in the map. Is this a possibility? It is in the desktop version but I may not be looking in the right spot in the online version. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Bill,

Not sure why this is posted as an idea. You can enable charts as a source element for an action, depending on how you configured the data. Please see this help topic:

Charts as the source of actions—Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

EDIT: The flash and zoom options are available for charts with category set from features only.

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Any chance of the flash and zoom becoming available when set to "Grouped Values"?


Hi Bill,

Sorry for the late reply. I missed the notice on the thread update.

> Any chance of the flash and zoom becoming available when set to "Grouped Values"?

Not currently. Please post an enhancement request on the ArcGIS Ideas for Operations Dashboard.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

When a serial chart is configured to get its categories (bars) from Grouped Values, the dashboard is sending a query to the server to calculate a summary statistic (e.g. count, min, max, etc) for each category/group. The query result contains the summary values (not the features and their geometries) and each bar on a serial chart (or slice on a pie chart) shows the category/value pair.  

For chart rendering, this server-side approach allows ArcGIS Dashboards to leverage much larger datasets than was possible with the (now retired) Windows version of Operations Dashboard, but it has drawbacks. Namely, we don't have any geometries to zoom, pan, or highlight.  

Because each bar or slice on a Grouped Values chart could represent a very large number of features, there are performance considerations of trying to pull them to the client (i.e. the dashboard), and we will have to investigate different techniques for achieving the requested functionality.