Add reporting and ability to export to CSV

12-28-2017 11:10 AM
Status: Implemented
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I recently created my first operations dashboard for use with Survey123 and was a bit disappointed to find i couldn't create reports or export any data.  It would be super helpful for if you could create custom reports and export your filter selections in dashboard to a csv file.


you can export all data from survey123 to excel or .csv in the data tab of the survye123 page.


I believe, it will be really added value for the OpsDashboard to add the export tool to the list widget or as a separate widget. It will help a lot when the decision maker wants to filter the data based on many category fields, it will be very easy for him to generate a report or just a CSV file includes the object IDs and some other data.

Please work on it.


Anas Obeidat




I would also like to see the ability to export to csv directly from the Operations Dashboard. While it is possible to get Survey123 data from the website the Operations Dashboard is a better experience for non-technical users. With time-range or category filters in place it would offer a straight forward user experience to get the data.



Hello Josh,

Thank you for submitting this idea! Even though you are working with a few different products, it looks like you want the ability to report and export to CSV in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS specifically. Because of this, I've gone ahead and removed the other categories. If this is not the case, please feel free to let me know!


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Doesnt have to be in dashboard, as long as the functionality is available via survey123 report builder, dasboard or via a widget on a webmap.



This would be very helpful. The people in our organisation viewing the dashboards are usually non-technical decision-makers. It would be great if they could export a CSV of a dashboard that they have filtered to see specific information.


This idea would be very helpful. I'm working on creating a dashboard that would show live data coming from Search and Rescue personnel on the ground and having this functionality within Operations Dashboard itself would make it lot easier for non-technical users as they could generate their own reports and not have to put in a request every time they need that information. Thank you!


This would be great. I am trying to create a dashboard as an alternative to a competitors product we got through a grant. The biggest missing piece is that once I filter down all my data I can't export it to a CSV. Please add this.