Add reporting and ability to export to CSV

12-28-2017 11:10 AM
Status: Implemented
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I recently created my first operations dashboard for use with Survey123 and was a bit disappointed to find i couldn't create reports or export any data.  It would be super helpful for if you could create custom reports and export your filter selections in dashboard to a csv file.


It would be great to be able to export data through a dashboard. I work with biologists that are not necessarily tech savvy and giving them the ability to query their data and export it in the same work space is crucial. They use a dashboard to view the results of several surveys and I'd like for them to be able to export a CSV of their portion of the dataset within that dashboard. It is an easier solution than going to the Survey123 website for those with limited experience in ArcGIS Online.


Exporting to csv from Ops Dashboard would be very handy for our Mineral Negotiators to select or filter a specific date range or area of mineral rights and then export that to csv for further analysis on the fly


It's very good to know others are expressing a need for this. It has been a major setback for us in a project with our Police Department. For those suggesting other ways to export Survey123 data, I must say that's not enough.  It's the filters that make the Operations Dashboard so powerful, but there's no way to preserve working data set. A use has to re-apply the filters every time they want to look at a data set.  

Please.. I beseech you. Add this!! 


I'm working on developing a dashboard for our gardeners who aren't tech-savvy and are rarely in the office so they need something easy and browser based instead of ArcMap or Pro. They will use Collector and Survey123 to create the data, then Operations Dashboard to get the big picture and see areas of concern. It would be great if they could filter features down to the gardens that need work in a certain park or the list of plants in a specific garden and export it to CSV so they have their work plan for the day.


I also agree.  Being able to at least export a list to a CSV from Operations Dashboard would benefit my organization.  


Yes, our dashboards would really benefit from a simple CSV export option.  Better yet would be a nicely formatted PDF report.  dashboards report printing #export to csv


Definitely want this in our organization as well.  Please work your magic ESRI.


Any status updates on this ESRI?  Thanks!


I would like the ability to export a CSV file from a filtered set of queries in the dashboard.  For example, if I were to filter a dataset by "Region" using one chart and "Type" using another graph, I would like to see the results in a table and be able to export the simple table for further analysis or reporting.


Exporting from a Dashboard would be incredibly useful for our local government. Providing a dashboard showing new building permits is a project I'm working on. I know there will be many requests for a list of the permits and it would be useful for anyone to be able to filter the data to meet their needs and then download it straight from the dashboard.