Add a SEARCH TOOL to the Dashboard List widget

07-16-2021 10:11 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

It will be great if the user can search for a particular value (data field) on the List widget. For example I have a list of more than a 1000 species and I want to see the  associated values (related widget)  by selecting the species on the list. Right now the user need to look over a 1000 records to find the species. 

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This is a great idea (especially when you have a heap of records). See also:

Dashboards: Filter data by user input text - add autocomplete filter for user input.


Dashboards: Category, Number, Date Selectors as stand-alone elements - to have these filters as their own elements to be positioned anywhere - not just the Header or Side-panel.

That way you could put your User Input filter with you List element where it makes the most sense! Also much better for stacked elements.