using collector my added features show up using my agol maps but they don't using arcmap? is this possible?

05-19-2017 08:26 AM
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just recently published my server maps to AGOL for use with collector. all went well but when i use collector to collect point features, they are added to the AGOL maps fine. Are they supposed to show up on the server map using arcmap as well? if so how do i make that happen? if not what is the use of collector if my server map is not updated as well? thanks for any advice.

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I am hoping there is an easier way, but I add my Hosted Feature Service layer to Arcmap (Be sure to File>Sign In and you should see your layer in Catalog under "My Hosted Services").

Once I have my ArcGIS Online layers added, I append the data to the corresponding layer in my Geodatabase. More often than not I end up just copying and pasting the few new features. You can create a script to complete this entire process, but I have little python experience.

At first I had also assumed that Collector would create and edit features directly to my Geodatabase, but it seems that is not the intended process.

Hope this helps, or maybe someone can chime in with an alternative process for merging data between AGOL and Arcmap.

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thanks for your reply. unfortunately when i follow your process my new features are still not showing in arcmap. i'm kind of at a loss at this point. I've tried export the layer from arcgis online to a shapefile and adding to my arcmap as well. 

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When you say you

published my server maps to AGOL

what do you mean, are you using map services with feature access in AGOL?

If you are making edits from Collector App and ArcGIS Desktop, on the same data (service), Feature services include a Sync capability that allows clients to make edits locally and synchronize the edits with the feature service. Edits to the local copy can be made when offline, whereas network connectivity is required to synchronize. In order for the Sync capability to be enabled, the data in the service must be able to support Sync.

However, if you want to enable Sync capability, and you need this layer in your service, you will need to configure your data for Sync. All layers must be either versioned and contain a Global ID field or all non versioned, archive enabled, and contain a Global ID field. If the layer participates in a relationship class or has attachments, the layer and related table or attachment must be related using a Global ID field as the primary key.

Please refer Prepare data for offline use—Documentation (10.3 and 10.3.1) | ArcGIS for Server .

I hope this helps.