Want to collect data in GDA94, MGA Zone 54 - no high accuracy GPS - is this possible?

05-30-2017 07:12 PM
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Hi all, 

I am collecting wildlife field data and I always do all my GIS in GDA94, MGA Zone 54.  I would like to be able to collect data in the field (always offline) in this same datum. 

I want to avoid always transforming my data to WGS84 for the web use and for collection and then back to GDA94 when going back to ArcGIS Desktop. 

Will it work if I make sure my maps are set up online in GDA94 and then create a location profile on my device to transform from the devices receiver datum to GDA94?

And will I be able to find any basemaps in GDA94 or have to create my own tile packages in ArcGIS Desktop?

Thank you very much,


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