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The spatial reference of <fname>.tpkx is not compatible with this map ERROR in Collector

07-07-2021 11:44 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Close to the finish line on "sideloading" a map tile package basemap for offline usage of Collector and hit a major snag.


Not sure what the problem is.  Collector is absolutely finding my tpkx.  Both the Webmap and the tpkx ARE in the same WGS84 Web mercator projection, and yet...

If somebody is aware of this fatal bug and how to mitigate it please help.  

Just for reference, here is my workflow:

1) create "operational" map in Pro (with point and line features, etc. for data collection)

2) create tile package in pro with the basemap that will be sideloaded (naip imagery basically)

3) Share "operational" map as web map to AGOL

4) Do all the advanced options for offline use in webmap settings 


And at the end of my day and a half of hard work, googling, ESRI forum prowling - I get this error.

Any help is appreciated.


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