Spontaneous Collection/Features to be collected out of the box

07-08-2021 05:21 PM
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I have some users who are looking for a quick, easy way to collect features (including lines and areas) without having to go through the whole process of creating the blank feature class, uploading it to AGOL, and then adding it to a map, etc.

Specifically, they're looking for an experience most akin to using a traditional Trimble Unit with Terrasync, in which there is a preloaded, generic data dictionary with Points, Lines, and Areas containing a comments box and that's it.  

I know that they can just make a feature class and upload the template for every project, but that's 1) what they're trying to avoid and 2) not spontaneous.

Is there an Esri program that supports this?

This issue points to one of my least favorite parts of collection on webmaps, be it via Collector, Field Maps, Survey 123, or Quick Capture: it is impossible to be spontaneous with your collection; each thing requires that you plan a project around it. What are users supposed to do if a project comes up suddenly?



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