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Which tablet is best for using ArcGIS Collector?

10-07-2019 09:26 AM
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I am looking for recommendations on the best tablet to use for ArcGIS collector. The last post I was able to find is outdated so some recent experience would be greatly appreciated!

The projects will be focused around local government and asset management, and we will likely want to be able to add some sort of RTK gps to increase accuracy in the future.


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Samsung and Apple are about the only choices left on the market. 

Samsung/Android has been easy to work with like side loading sde cards and such.  They are less expensive and have been very reliable.  Negative has been speed and development is way behind iPad due to Esri focus on iOS.

iPads are more expensive, have no SD card, not as rugged, harder to add data to due to having to use iTunes.  Also iPad Air wifi has no GPS in it so be careful.

Hope that helps.

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Someone upvoted this recently so as an update...

Now with iOS 14 you can use the file system on the tablet.  We can copy to and from external USB also which is what we wanted.

Android has actually got harder now with v11.  Most file programs now hide storage.  So you need a 3rd part app to see them.  Or have to plug into a computer.  So they basically flipped.

Also iOS has been consistently way faster.  Forms load in half to 1/4 of the time.  But that speed has come with memory issues on larger forms.

I like the price point of the Samsung, and Android is a better OS, but at this point I had to start recommending Apple.  They are just so much faster.  Though the S7 has now gotten close to the Pro.  

Having to get a cell card in the Apple world is about the biggest pain left now.

Hope that helps

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