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Tile Packages and 'new' Collector for ArcGIS

06-19-2019 09:07 AM
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I've sideloaded a tile package (.tpk) to Collector (19.0.1; build 2609) on iOS (12.3.1) for disconnected (offline) use.  I've also configured the web map to use a tile package for the offline basemap by selecting 'Device will use a tile package it already has.' and providing that package filename. 

However, I've encountered a couple issues so have the following question related to this:

  1.  The first issue is I can't access the tile package in Collector unless a map area has also been created.  Is this to be expected? The point of creating the tile package and sideloading was to eliminate the need for generating numerous map areas.
  2. Having created a map area, and now seeing the sideloaded tpk as a basemap option in Collector when disconnected, trying to open results in the following error: 'Basemap Unavailable. The spatial reference is not compatible with the map'. This error does not appear when using the same .tpk in Collector Classic; however, given the size of the .tpk (over 50GB) and our iPad storage capacity, copying the .tpk twice (once in Collector and again in Classic via iTunes) is not possible.

Any insight on these issues would be appreciated.


Tony Viveiros

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After updating to the latest June, 2019 release of Collector (19.1.0 build 2666) and trying to add a 58 GB tile package offline area with NAD 83 UTM Zone 14N coordinate system, I get the message 'Local Basemap Incompatible'

Local Basemap Incompatible message when attempting to use tile package in Collector

I did try projecting the tile package to web mercator using the latest release of Pro; however, this crashed with error 99999 after running for a few days.

There's no issue using this same tile package in Classic so we're sticking with that for this field program. 


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by Anonymous User
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I was wondering if you were ever able to get the side loaded base maps to work with the new Collector, I am also having similar issue of "not available" .tpk files that I have saved to the collector folder on my phone? I got side loading to work once upon a time with Classic but I cannot for the life of me get it to work with the new Collector. Also is it just me or does the new Collector have a really hard time downloading/syncing offline areas? My field staff and myself always have issues either really really slow download speeds for small areas or failing downloads. It seems the old Classic worked a lot better.


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I abandoned the use of tile packages in Collector and started using map areas for disconnected data collection. I create the map areas in AGOL so field staff simply downloaded these to the mobile devices when connected. Unfortunately; however, only 16 map areas can be created for each web map. This is a problem for us because our 38 field sites are discontiguous over a very large area. As a result more than one web map exists.


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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor


Collector supports on-demand offline map downloading using the sideloaded basemap. After setting up the tpk (or tpkx, vtpk) name for offline use in the Web Map, and copying the tile packages to Collector Documents folder, I normally restart Collector first before using the tpk with map downloading. 



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Anybody find a solution to the "Local Basemap Incompatible Issue"? (pic below).  My tpkx IS ABSOLUTELY matching the map spatial reference --> WGS84 Web Mercator.  Unfortunate other people are experiencing the same indiscriminate bug.  If anybody has ideas, let me know.  My order of operations was:

1) create a web map and add to AGOL

2) create a basemap using NAIP imagery and convert to tile package

3) "sideload" tpkx to my iphone

4) open map in collector --> add offline area. 

5) Error strikes

I know the tpkx is being discovered, but the below occurs despite the matching spatial reference. Pretty critical functionality here that shouldn't be dysfunctional due to a bug.  Hopefully I'm missing something.  Help is greatly appreciated...


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