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Question About Contingent Domain Values

02-21-2020 08:03 AM
Regular Contributor

I have a Collector app for gather asset data points. I'm working on setting up a domain field for over 10000 different room features across nearly 100 sites. I want the user to be able to associate the asset point in Collector with the room that it's closest to. I've converted the rooms for all sites table to a domain, with the unique space ID as the code, and the room name or number as the description. I have another field where the user chooses the site. In the rooms dropdown, I want the user to only be able to choose the rooms associated with the particular site they are visiting.


This would be a one to many relationship. For example: Site A has 20 rooms. When Site A is chosen in the Site dropdown in Collector, I only want the user to be able to choose from one of those 20 spaces in the Room dropdown, not see all 10000+ rooms in the list. Is this even possible with Contingent Values? So far in design view, it looks like it's all one to one relationships, like I would have to create a contingent value for every single room. I can accomplish this in Excel with Data Validation, but this doesn't come through when importing into ArcMap.

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