Collector sync fails with com.esri.argis.runtime.error error 500

02-20-2020 07:54 AM
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Recently I ran into the issue the offline edits failed to sync to the server. Using the Classic Collector, it gives the com.esri.argis.runtime.error error 500 message...while the Collector just keeps buffering. But then the data did get synced to the server. The Classic Collector shows no local edits, but the new Collector still shows theocal edits.

I tried just the simplest point data collection. Still the same issue. Any one has encounter similar situation? Any idears?

Collector version: 20.1.0, build 2782

ios: 13.3.1

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Hi Yuying Li‌,

A few questions for you:

- You mentioned that this recently started happening. Were any changes or software upgrades performed on your end between the time it worked successfully and now?

- Are you working with ArcGIS Online hosted feature services, ArcGIS Enterprise hosted feature services, or ArcGIS Server (non-federated) services?

- Just to clarify, even though the sync error happens, the edits do get synchronized to the server? 

- Is this reproducible on both new and existing feature services? 

- Is it unique to only a single feature service?

Thank you


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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the email. Here are the responses:

1. Recently we do upgrade the ArcGIS desktop from 10.6.1 to 10.7.1. But the ArcGIS server is remained in 10.6.1

2. I am working with ArcGIS server services. Data are in SDE database

3. Yes – the sync process started and completed successfully. I could see the message from the ArcGIS manager and the data are presented in the AGOL map and SDE database.

4. Yes – it is reproducible in existing service (overwrite) and new Service. I tried to started a brandnew FC in the same database and publish to a new feature service. Then created a new Collector map, create new offline area and still the same issue

5. Not single service – multiple services from the same SDE database



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