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Popup - show field only when editing

01-06-2017 02:32 AM
Occasional Contributor


When setting up popups in AGOL map to use with Collector for ArcGIS, we used to setup some fields to show only when editing a feature. However, currently when a check mark is set only for EDIT and not for DISPLAY, no fields are displayed in Collector when editing the feature. Is this a bug, or is this intentional.

We are using iOS for Collector. We are aware that when using Android, the field had to be set up both for display and edit to show under editing.

When field is only setup for editing, it will not show up when editing the featuer (iOS)

I would like to add that we have found the possibility to show only fields when editing very useful. Hopefully it is coming back.



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Esri Contributor

Hi Martin,

Other user's have also encountered this behavior. It has been logged as BUG-000101818 "The attribute fields are hidden in Collector for ArcGIS when the fields are set to edit only in the pop-up configuration". A programmer has been assigned to this issue and they are currently working on integrating the fix to this issue in a future Collector app release. Please keep in mind however that there are several factors such as time constraints, project scope, and risk of implementation that may cause this bug to be deferred until a later release then the next.

If you would like to be attached to this bug to track its progress, please contact Esri Support (Esri Support Contact Tech Support).